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Ready for action at Sungei Buloh Anniversary celebrations!

Toddycats and our predecessor The Habitat Group have celebrated the anniversary of Sungei Buloh with a free guided walk in appreciation of this precious place since 1997, four years after the part was officially declared open on 6th December 1993.

In some years, the walk is part of a much bigger celebration with the reserve and we have set aside Saturday almost a year earlier! the 21st anniversary celebration will unveil the reserve extension and we are joining in with walks for 100 registered visitors and a specimen booth at the new Visitor Centre @ Kranji!

Joelle loading up a taxi with our posters and specimens at the NUS Biological Sciences car park
2014 12 05 14 45 50

Ivan Kwan of Toddycats and staff of SBWR helped Joelle set up the Toddycats booth in the Bakau Room
20141205 ToddycatsBooth

E-waste recycling & hard disk shredding! NUS U Town, Fri 12 Sep 2014: 10am – 4pm

NUS’ Office of Environment Sustainability is organising an inaugural electronic waste (“e-waste”) recycling drive in NUS on Friday 12 Sep 2014: 10am – 4pm. Anyone can drop off their e-waste at the NUS University Town near the bus stop and if you are driven through, there is a drop-off point at the Stephen Riady Centre.

This e-waste drive ensures your unwanted electronics / electrical equipment and accessories are disposed off in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Let your friends know. and make good use of this inaugural e-waste recycling drive in NUS.

This free recycling is provided courtesy of Apple.

I see they offer shredding of hard disks, so peace of mind ensured for your data on old hard disks. See OES’ Facebook page for more.

OES U Town E waste ex

If you are unable to make the date, there is existing e-waste recycling locations in Singapore offered through Funan Digital Mall and Starhub – see details at the NEA webpage.

Toddycats HOWL 9: the museum, our logo, endemic crabs, Singapore flowering, otters and a song

With the full moon on Saturday, it was time to arrange for a HOWL session. So much is going on which should be shared with Toddycats, and we called for a pow-wow on Wed 26 Feb 2014.

And we were sure glad we did – twenty-two Toddycats listened to and discussed a slew of topics. And most importantly, everyone explained about how we should move forward in relation to our focus and identity. And in subtle but also firm ways, which was good to see.

Joelle did wrestle with some outreach figures before an impromptu discussion about where how our endemic freshwater crabs were distributed and how they might be coping during this very dry spell.

An extremely tired Adrian Loo who had surfaced from Gardens by the Bay explained in a very soothing manner about the very inclusive Singapore Flowering facebook page (just post pictures of flowering with location), and Otterman told a few stories, including the museum’s modern history and smooth-coated otters along our eastern shores.

When Chloe updated us about the Love MacRitchie project, we were reminded about the lovely four-minute Love MacRitchie video with its lovely tune and visuals. It does help us realise the extent of the fauna in this very precious forest patch which we have. The video highlights some treasures of this precious patch of forest and shares the wonders we could retain for the future, with a realignment of the Cross Island Line to avoid the fragile forest.

I don’t mind ta-king a longer ride on the MRT

For MacRitchie”

Do you?

Today Joelle chaired the session and bore the burden of time management to ensure we would vacate our lovely venue by 10pm. This is an exhausting job while we engage in one diversion after another, so we will share the responsibility in future! We did not complete the agenda (not unusual) and we’ll look forward to the rest of it during HOWL 10.

See you there!

Toddycats Coordinator Joelle had sole charing duties today
2014-02-26 20.53.29

Who and where, attendance by Amanda Tan
2014-02-26 20.53.39 HOWL 9

A brief history of the museum, with an emphasis on recent highlights
2014-02-26 20.54 HOWL 9 HIstory of Museum

Recent temperature trends and flowering – the motivation behind Singapore Flowering
20140226-AhBloo SG FLowering

Toddycats Howl 9 on Wed 26 Feb 2014: 7.00pm

Toddycats are meeting for HOWL 9 on Wed 26 Feb 2014 at 7.00pm
Do sign up to let us know you are coming as indicated by the mailing list notification.

The agenda includes the future of the museum and Toddycats, how effective outreach has been in 2013 (Joelle Lai), smooth-coated otters at GBB (Otterman), what and who is behind the Singapore Flowering fb project (Adrian Loo), how to report offences in nature reserves, updates from the Biodiversity Roundtable (Otterman) and Love MacRitchie project (Chloe Tan) and about a wildlife sanctuary in Cambodia (Alvin Wong).


Joelle Lai & Sivasothi

Toddycats’ MacRitchie forest walks in 2014

Join Raffles Museum Toddycats on their MacRitchie forest walks on in march and April 2014.
The walks are free and are an eye opener about our forest heritage!


Sign up at to be placed on our waiting list.  


Forest Walks in March 2014

  • Sat 01 Mar 2014 – Petai Trail (~4km; not suitable for children below 12).  We are full for this walk! Please see dates below for more slots :)
  • Sat 15 Mar 2014 – Venus Loop. Sign up at: Link (25 spaces only)  We are full for this walk too! Please sign up for slots on the remaining dates if you would like to join us. 
  • 29 Mar 2014 – Venus Loop. By Raffles Museum Toddycats. Sign up at: Link (25 spaces only)  We are full for this walk too! Please sign up for slots on the remaining dates if you would like to join us. 

Forest walk in April

  • 12 Apr 2014 – Venus Loop. By Raffles Museum Toddycats. Sign up at: Link (25 spaces only)  We are full for this walk!

LM Walks

Siltation at Venus Loop stream; feedback and action to prevent damage to nature reserves

Siltation meets a clear stream – a problem at Venus Loop stream was observed by Toddycats during a Love MacRitchie tour in November 2013.


See the video by Heng Pei Yan

Toddycats’ Love MacRitchie guide took Grace Chua to explain the concerns and she investigated and wrote it up as an article.

“Miss Chloe Tan, a 24-year-old volunteer with nature group Toddycats, which has been conducting guided nature walks, said she had first noticed silt in the Upper Thomson stream early last month. The stream is home to 12 species of native frogs, including several endangered ones, as well as fish and dragonflies, and siltation would affect these creatures, she said.”

See “Two firms fined for silt-filled water discharge,” by Grace Chua. The Straits Times, 21 Nov 2013.

This issue had been raised to NParks earlier by Nature Society (Singapore)’s Tony O’Dempsey and here we see PUB will take action. With an article about the issue in the press, it will help others realise they can help too.

Feedback from the ground to relevant government agencies is of critical importance. There are various problems in our already highly-impacted nature reserves which we discussed during the last HOWL. We can contribute to improving the situation by observing, reporting and following up on action, like Toddycats did here.

Good job everyone.

Love MacRitchie Walks for NUS – three 2-hour Saturday morning walks from 19 Oct 2013

The Love MacRitchie walks for NUS are two-hour Saturday morning walks conducted by Raffles Museum Toddycats for the NUS community. Enthusiastic guides will share with you stories about a variety of amazing plants and animals living in our precious forest heritage.

Register at:

  • Dates: Saturdays 19 Oct | 26 Oct | 02 Nov 2013
  • Time: 8.30am – 11.30 am
  • Meeting Point: Venus Drive Carpark
    • (off Upper Thomson Road; map)
  • Route: Venus Loop Forest Trail
  • Maximum number of people per walk: 25
  • Attire: Covered walking shoes, preferably long pants
  • Bring: Water, insect repellent, cap/hat to protect you from the sun, poncho/umbrella in case of rain.
  • DO NOT CARRY PLASTIC BAGS to avoid attracting monkeys.
Love MacRitchie Walks for NUS

See also Thu 17 Oct 2013: 6.30pm @ NUS LT25 – “Forget not our Living Forest” – botanist Joseph Lai unveils an entourage of enthralling forest denizens!

The walks and talk are part of the Love Our MacRitchie Forest movement.
Find out more at:

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