Wendy on “Pasir Panjang Battle Anniversary Walk”

The Battle Anniversary Walk was held on 13 Feb 2005 to commemorate the Battle of Pasir Panjang. We have 16 partipants and 15 guides, of which 6 guides are the Toddycats and 9 guides are from SAJC. The walk started at the University Cultural Centre (UCC) at 0740hrs and end at Reflections at Bukit Chandu (RBC) at 1040hrs. We walked at a relatively fast pace from UCC to RBC, via Kent Ridge Road and Science Park Drive. We stopped at the millitary observation post, commemorative plaque, pond in Kent Ridge Park, Kent Ridge Park look-out point, Kent Ridge Park broadwalk and our last stop at RBC. We spent about an hour for a guided tour in RBC and the event ended with a debrief session at the dinning area in RBC.

The publicity for the walk could have been done earlier. The advertisement should have been sent to the NUSSU for dissemination 3 weeks in advance. IVLE took 3 days to put up our advertisement. The advertisement could have been disseminated to the staffs via Campus Green Committee. A script should be drafted up before the walk to prepare us to speak to the participants with confidence at the various stop points. Though the event could have been better organised, the entire walk had been very enjoyable for both the participants and the guides on that Sunday morning.

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