Ivan on “Pedal Ubin! Clean And Green Week Special Edition 12 Nov 2005”

It was a wonderful morning to be biking about, with a heavy downpour earlier in the morning of the event. This made it both comfortable and challenging to ride, as the air was cooler and big pools of water covered many parts of the road.

The bulk of the participants came from the Xiyao Culture Association, with 25 youths and 10 adults (mostly of teachers from the association). The remainding 10 participants were members of the public, and the turn out rate was at 90%.

The ride groups covered the Jelutong Bridge, German Girl Shrine, Thai Temple, Tianci Quarry (where our friendly Ubin Police gave us a friendly ‘reminder’ not to go in), Nordin Beach and the hill overlooking Ubin Quarry. The participants certainly had a lot of fun, as they went through the Cycle of Discovery- from knowledge receiver to potential knowledge distributor!Throughout the ride, animals, especially birds, came out to ‘greet’ the participants (or were probably awaken by their excited chatter).

We couldn’t see wild boars or jungle fowls (though we heard many of them crowing), partly because we were noisier then an amoured tank column.All said and done, we rolled back into the village at 12.15pm with happy adults, happier teens and delighted guides. With the sun in our eyes and the wind in our hair, we set forth back to the mainland.


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