A new blog for the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore

To blog or not to blog

I had toyed with the idea of a specific blog for the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore a few years ago but decided it would be better to feature occasional content on Habitatnews, where off-season news and articles would receive better exposure. Two years ago, I finally created a separate category for coastal cleanup news for better referencing.

This year, the itch to reflect more frequent and specific news became stronger. With just a webpage, we went from a seemingly dormant site to “all sites booked” in one change! I felt we were also not reflecting any of the process that the ICCS Otters were spending so much time on to improve the quality of the programmes. Many think its just a matter of dropping in at the beach on the day itself!

If we better reflected the process, it could also be useful reading for new coordinators in future. And we’d be able to showcase efforts by others throughout the year.

After months of planning and preparations for this year’s coastal cleanup, I found myself very badly ill with the flu. I decided I’d better not infect anyone else so unpacked my bag and looked in on the coastal cleanup server, ready to man “homebase.” To my horror I discovered the coastal cleanup server was not allowing me to edit pages! Argh!

To the rescue? WordPress and Flickr.

The cleanup goes on! « News from the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore

Up and running at 7am…

So the new blog was up and running and as reports and photos came in, I was able to keep posting amidst phone calls with ICCS Otters, analysing data and emails with reporters. I was online for most of two days and when Monday came, we had captured a decent amount of activity and lots of photos, data, news reports were all up on the blog.

We take pride in ensuring participants are able to see their data and photos from the cleanup up on the site. It also ensures none of us (coordinators, organisers or participants) have any “homework” after the cleanup!

Besides WordPress and Flickr, and a lot of other computer tools helped me cope with the whole process. It was great that we had alternatives!

From the blogging perspective, the tools are here and have made webpages and blogs extremely easy to setup. Then its just about having something to say…


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