NUS Green Carnival 2007

The Toddycats booth at the NUS Green Carnival 2007

Today is Day 1 of the NUS Green Carnival 2007. As firm supporters for the past 2 years, Toddycats! are brightening up the carnival with our charming personalities (heh-heh!) and a colourful booth teeming with posters and specimens. If you have been to our booths in the past, you know you will not be disappointed with the displays!

This year promises new specimens that even some of the guides have not seen before! Luckily some tired Toddycats had our Toddycats! Green Carnival Guides tutorial the week before, after work and studies!

Hamsa, in green, busy explaining to visiting students.

This year’s exhibition efforts were coordinated by one brave Toddycat! – Hamsa, a 3rd year biology undergraduate at NUS who has waded right into the thick of things. Other new faces included Alex and Nicholas, also NUS life science undergraduates.

Familiar faces were there is full force too, like Huaqin, Yueat Tin, Oi Yee, Sivasothi (a.k.a. Otterman) and many more old and new faces (including this monkey!) in various shifts, all part of an effort to raise awareness about biodiversity in Singapore!

Alex, showing a curious visitor a specimen on display.

There were numerous specimens on display from our regulars like the baby dugong, pangy the pangolin, horseshoe crabs (who came with a mate this year!) to new additions like a dolphin skull(!), a poor turtle hatchling, a house shrew who makes everybody exclaim out loud that it’s a rat, tarantula spider, monitor lizard, vinegar tree-climbing crabs, pitcher plants, Dipterocarp winged seeds and even a paradise tree snake!

Of course we also have an extensive collection of posters in our resident ICCS section (Toddycats coordinate this programme nationally). This year it included lots of new posters about turtle conservation – graciously loaned to us by Underwater World Singapore, a co-member of the Year of the Turtle (2006) committee!

Nicholas, talking to kids about dolphins in Singapore…erm with the skull of a very old one!

This year’s Green Carnival organized by NUSSU Student Against the Violation of Earth (SAVE), supported by the Campus Sustainability Committee is opened by Amy Khor, Mayor of Southwest CDC. Sadly, Dr Khor did not have a chance to visit our booth as she had to rush off for a parliamentary session in the afternoon.

Nonetheless, the booth was never without curious visitors ranging from students, staff to canteen aunties and DHL delivery men! In fact, I hear even Miss Earth Singapore visited our booth!

This year, the NUSSU SAVE organisers and Campus Sustainability Committee even arranged for busloads of students from schools to specially visit the Green Carnival which provided us with an excellent outreach opportunity!

They also got to visit some of our friends from ACRES, SEC, Vegetarian Society and even groups promoting solar panels and even a fight hunger group called “Food for All”.

Unveiling the brightly coloured reminder to switch off! – Joseph Mullinix (Dy President, NUS), Amy Khor (Mayor of Southwest CDC) and Vibeke Rovsing Lauritzen (Danish Ambassador to Singapore).

The carnival will be held from 22 to 24 October at the NUS Central Forum. For more photos of the event, see my flickr set for more images from the first day at Green Carnival and a few more by Justin. Drop in and say hello to some beaming Toddycats!

Yes and soon with some spanking new t-shirts too!

See also “NUS commits to creating a green campus at NUS Green Carnival,” by Jeremy Sor. The Campus Observer, 23 Oct 2007.

If this sounds a little schizophrenic its because an otter dropped by this monkey’s nest!*evil grin*


3 responses to “NUS Green Carnival 2007

  1. yes very schizophrenic indeed! lol otter added a lot of things and spiced things up haha 😛

  2. Hey you did all the hard work, thanks! More tonight! Must model new toddycats t-shirt!

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