New Toddycats t-shirt unveiled at the NUS Green Carnival!

We finally make a t-shirt after six years of official existence! Well, we had our thank you dinner after five years, so we had our priorities right!

Hua Qin models the new T-shirt – with Gwynne keeping him company in the Project Managers t-shirt. The front view – yes I know, the NUS logo is rather subtle; I would have wanted to make it larger but hey, there are guidelines!

There is also an mild orange stripe down the side that can’t be seen here. Got to make Hua Qin pose again!


Rear view, and Toddy’s paws are so pink because of that all that global warming! Gwynne’s NUS logo cannot be seen because of her ponytail, I didn’t notice as it was a shoot and run session for me! Rest of the photos here.


Thanks to Dewi Anggraini who managed this project else it would never have seen the light! And of course Kelvin Lim who redrew the logo and Airani who handled the graphics.

Toddy was a real civet cat whom three of us (Tay Hwee Cheng, Cheryl (“Chalad”) Tan and myself) raised in the Department of Zoology looked after in 1996. He/She was found abandoned as a kitten in some army camp even before he had opened his eyes. Covered in ants he as passed amongst rescuers before he was finally brought to us. We kept AVA informed and raised him and he was healthy (it just meant sleepness nights).

He was fine looking and sociable and charmed everyone he met. Very tragically he was killed by a dog several months later before he could get placed in a suitable permanent home.

Common Palm Civets are not rare in Singapore and often might be found right under out noses, “hidden” from unknowing eyes like the significant biodiversity nestled in and around our island.

When the Raffles Museum launched its Public Gallery in 2001, declaring an new educational objective, Toddy was a natural choice to grace the logo. I had Kelvin once again to do the drawing, based on a photo I had of Toddy wandering the lab. I had him placed on a palm leaf, a fairly natural place to find a toddycat (heh-heh!) but also because we have more species of palms recorded from Bukit Timah than the continent of Africa!

I penned an official story here for the opening of the Public Gallery.

The volunteers and the outreach programmes of the Habitat Group came over under the wing of the Raffles Museum and together with new cohorts, our volunteers were now called Toddycats!

The exclamation mark at the end of the name is important – its the expression we are regularly greeted with when we share tales of Singapore’s biodiversity with an unsuspecting public!


2 responses to “New Toddycats t-shirt unveiled at the NUS Green Carnival!

  1. hi, may i know where i can get this t-shirt?

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