Plants of Pasir Panjang

Back to School! (by Darren)

The Pasir Panjang Heritage Guides – old and new – have started training, in preparation for next year’s walks. First up, as Kiah Shen shows, was a refresher about the plants on Kent Ridge.

We gathered on a cloudy Saturday afternoon for our session with Siva and Cheng Puay. The lesson plan was simultaneously impressive and daunting, especially for those who lacked a firm grounding in Biology.

1. Introduction

  • common descriptive terms – shrub, tree, herb etc.
  • binomial nomenclature, scientific names, common names
  • botanical drawing versus nature notebook

2. Plant collection – common ridge species behind Lab 7

  • coarse description of plant in situ
  • annotated notes

3. Plant drawing

  • comparing against plant descriptions from textbooks and guidesheets
  • highlighting features of significance
  • comparing similarities and differences

4. Group presentations

  • interesting highlights about Kent Ridge plants

Cheng Puay, our Botany expert, kicked off the session with a quick introduction to the world of fauna. We were then assigned various plants to study. Each of us had to do a sketch on the spot with detailed descriptions, then bring back the respective plants for more detailed botanical drawings.

This is the first time some of the guides have had to examine plants in minute detail!

Some had impressive annotated nature notebook drawings.

Others showed their artistic ability with detailed botanical drawings.

And all of us had an enjoyable time learning about these plants of Pasir Panjang.

You can view our handiwork here! (Thanks to Darren for the photos.)

Back to School! (by Darren)


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