ICCS Otters plan for 2008


The International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (ICCS) Otters who were able (Chen Kee, Hua Qin, Kai Scene, Dinesh, Wei Siong and Sivasothi) got together to plan the work flow for next year. The wish list for 2008 was to further improve on education, registration and manpower, and to organise a conference.

Well it sounds nice when I put it that way but initially we looked at each other as I tried to figure out why we were there. Since not everyone could make it and the schools were all out for the holidays, I decided we’ll postpone sending out letters and sort out the 2008 work flow. Each year we make a small changes so this was timely.

Also, ICCS has the greatest outreach but could certainly be improved. The current group of Toddycats coordinating this with me are very experienced on the ground. Its time to focus on this programme and build on it further.

During the 2007 process, I had taken notes and the memory of those were enough for a fruitful meeting.

ICCS 2008
Next year’s ICCS will be on Sat 20 Sep 2008. The tide is low that morning so both mangrove and beach cleanups will be conducted on the same day.

Registration: Jan – Mar 2008
During ICCS 2007, we struggled to place the many more schools and organisations (3,000 instead of 2,000+ participants) that got involved at a late date. A formal registration process in January 2008 with these now experienced groups will allow them to identify their cleanup sites by 31 March 2008.

With the site allocation confirmed early, site recces, informing other agencies, allocating site buddies, pairing groups, etc will be easier.

Recruitment by Apr 2007
The ICCS Zone and Site Captains will meet in the first week of April to sort out the site allocations and take over the communication with confirmed organisers. We were without Site Captains or Buddies in some areas this year and it was a bit of a struggle. At this meeting (hopefully) with be newly recruited Site Captains and Site Buddies! They will then be taken for recces to learn the ropes from the Zone Captains and we will meet again two weeks later.

ICCS Conference, Jul 2008
There is concern about the depth of understanding individuals and organisations have about the conservation, marine biology and policy background issues behind the International Coastal Cleanup. Hence we will organise an ICCS Conference in July 2008.

Besides a chance to meet each other and the ICCS Otters, they will find out first hand how their ICCS data has been used and get updated on marine issues locally and regionally.

The Toddycats Exhibition Team will be involved to setup a marine conservation exhibition that day.

Education package
By the time of the conference, we will need to prepare the education package complete with the various and new powerpoints. The file sizes are quite large now and downloading them can be tough. There are also movies, images. posters and literature to collect s distribution at this event is ideal.

It’s all on Google Docs!
There were a few other things and Chen Kee got it up on Google Docs while we were talking. ICCS Otters will have to meet a few times next year: early January to send out letters, twice in April to sort out sites and allocation, and the Education team meets in May to plan the conference.

But it will mean less stress in August-September and we can be sure more cleanup participants will be aware of the marine conservation issues as well.

This is one of our key projects with the greatest outreach potential so it will be the Toddycats’s focus in 2008.


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