Pedal Ubin 01 March 2008

We had 42 gung-ho participants who turned up despite the gloomy weather.  They were broken up into 4 groups and led by Yew Jern, Athena; Ivan, Tammy; Hua Qin, Joelle, November; Gurmit, Sy wei and I respectively.  After the briefing at the ‘basketball court’, everyone set off in high spirits. 

Athena and Yew Jern conducting their pre-ride briefing.

It began to rain not far into the ride but most of the participants were unperturbed and wanted to ride on despite the rain.

Most of the groups met along Jelutong bridge and Siva decided to lead us to one of the trails at the Ketam Mountain Bike Park. This was the first time most of us has been on the trail so we were as excited as the participants. It was quite a gruelling upslope and one of the participant’s chain fell off half way. But we managed to fix it and all of us made it to the look out point at the summit.

Sy Wei cleaning her hands after fixing a participant’s bike chain.

The view at the top was definitely worth it! It overlooks Ubin quarry on one side and as far as the Central Business District on the other.   

The Ketam Mountain Bike Park will definitely be on our itinerary for future rides!

For links to all the photo albums, see the previous post. See also Leo’s thoughts.


One response to “Pedal Ubin 01 March 2008

  1. Thanks to Joelle, November and Hua Qin who led the group I was in. No two Pedal Ubin rides are ever the same. Which is why I keep on turning up! =)

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