Toddycats at RJC

The Toddycats Public Exhibitions team set up a booth at the Raffles International Conference on Education 2008 (RICE 2008) to introduce, excite and enthuse participants about Singapore’s surprising biodiversity.

Although the conference was over two days, I knew the Public Education team of mainly biology undergraduates might be hard pressed to spend two days there so we decided to focus on an appearance before and after lunch time so it would be manageable.

As it turned out Hamsa was called away but Mangayarkarasi stepped in to take over, thankfully. I was presenting at the conference and saw them come in to setup before the rains descended.

At lunch time, I went down to grab this picture of Mangayarkarasi and Justin at the booth with my handphone. I had just (ahem) realised the conference theme was “classroom to community” and that happened to fit my narrative which ended with a photo from the Labrador walk last Saturday. I added this one as a fitting end to the talk and an advert to visit the booth.

Update – Ivan Chew who visited the Toddycats’ booth, learnt about horseshoe crabs and blogged about the pleasant experience; see “RICE 2008, 10 & 11 March (part 3),” by Ivan Chew. Rambling Librarian, 15 Mar 2008.

Yanmei, Cedric, Mangayarkarasi and Justin

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