Talk on the Singapore Freshwater Crab, 10th May 2008

Honours student Daniel Ng and myself will be highlighting “The status and biology the Singapore Freshwater Crab, Johora singaporensis this Saturday, 10th May 2008 at 2pm at the Function Hall, Botany Centre, Singapore Botanic Gardens.

This is part of a four-week Biodiversity Talk Series organised by NParks Conservation Division to celebrate Earth Day and World Biodiversity Day 2008.

Synopsis – “True freshwater crabs have evolved to be completely independent of the marine environment and possess unique characteristics as a result. Many large freshwater streams are home to endemic species and Singapore Island is no exception.

The freshwater crab diversity here has been well reported as a result of Peter Ng’s studies in the 1980’s. One crab in particular, was especially celebrated – the endemic Singapore Freshwater Crab, Johora singaporensis. Since that taxonomic examination, little else has been revealed about the crab, partly due to concerns about impacting the small but endangered population.

In a recent study, aspects of the population biology, distribution and status of J. singaporensis were studied. This talk discusses the historical discovery, reports highlights of the recent study and discusses conservation implications for the future.

Complete details at: WildSingapore.


3 responses to “Talk on the Singapore Freshwater Crab, 10th May 2008

  1. i just bought a crab that looks just like this.. they said it was a thai crab.. as if.

  2. Recently i found some fresh water crabs living around Braddell Road area. I want to know it name.

  3. can it be eaten?? look delicious..

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