Pedal Ubin 07 June 2008

The pouring rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the 42 Pedal Ubin participants who came for our quarterly ride!  Everyone was raring to go and we set off when the rain lightened momentarily. 

They were broken up into 3 groups and led by Ming Sheng & Gurmit; Siva; Ivan, Tammy & Kai-xin respectively.  Siva was greatly amused as he was supposed to take only 12 participants (Ivy’s group) but somehow ended up with 20 participants.  His group got a rare treat as he was hunting for mudskippers for Theresa’s Honours year project and managed to free some horseshoe crabs from a ghost net in the process; NParks was informed of the abandoned net later.. 

However, the rest of the participants were also in luck as the wildlife emerged after the 3-hour rain.  Our group caught sight of a monitor lizard and a pair of jungle fowls that scooted across the road.  We also managed to observe a magpie robin feeding on a lizard, a pair of horn bills, a pair of courting raptors and many more. 

The Pedal Ubin guides would like to thank the enthusiatic participants who braved the rain to ride along with us last sat. Hope to see you at our next ride!!

Other posts and pics:

– N. Sivasothi a.k.a. Otterman


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