Marcus Tay, finalist in Saving Gaia contest

Hi, Siva,

Juz a piece of good news! Marcus Tay [Guan Hock] got selected as one of the finalists for the Saving Gaia, a contest by the MediaCorp.. Cool~

See: and do come down to support him!! [Venue: Bugis Junction, Bugis Square (Water fountain area)
Date: 21st Jun – 22nd June, Sat – Sun; Time: 1pm – 1pm]

Jiayou to Marcus!



Marcus says,

The interview questions were of the “which electrical appliance is more energy saving” than the “do you think the skeptical environmentalist is right?” or “is global warming or depleting resources more important” kind of marco questions I had in mind. I guess, it gave me another perspective into environmental issues. Maybe the saving money elements will appeal more to he public as it does to the private sector.

So anyway, yes, I had to provide three ways I can contribute to saving Gaia and provide a short write-up about why I deserves to win…; a panel of judges examined the entries and I got called up for a short interview (20mins?) yesterday with three ladies (one particularly gorgeous) and I learnt I am in the finals!

Dewi (who seems to know more about the final competition) elaborated,

Well, he will be put into a glass box with other finalists and then go through the challenges (see also but beware the gory video!) I think he will have to answer quite a lot of questions too.. :p

All the best to u, Marcus!


Apparently that glass box thing is for real!

Update (21 Jun 2008: 10pm)– webpage updated and I saw him on telly (TCS Channel 5 news).



Update (Sun 22 Jun 2008) – Channel News Asia reports: “Gaia Life Challenge winner walks away with S$10,000 cash,” by Lynda Hong. Channel NewsAsia, 22 Jun 2008: 1852 hrs.

SINGAPORE: The winner of the Gaia Life Challenge, Marcus Tay, walked away with S$10,000 in cash.

For 24 hours, the environmental engineer and two other contestants lived in rooms at Bugis Junction. But what was not explicitly made known to them was that their energy consumption would be calculated.

However, they received hints from the organisers.

Second runner-up Michelle Scully caught on to the hints and minimised her energy usage to the bare minimum.

Florence Lian, judge of the Gaia Life Challenge, said: “She switched off her refrigerator. I think she only used the fan and she did not use the air-conditioning at all. Unfortunately, based on the challenges that formed 70 per cent of the scores, she just didn’t manage to catch up on the total scores.”

The contestants faced nine other challenges which tested their knowledge on the environment.

The winner, Marcus Tay said he also knew that their energy consumption will be calculated. Still, he switched on the air-conditioner but kept the temperature at 25 degrees celsius.

His fridge, which stored only water, was kept at an optimal temperature.

He said: “If I were to present a side that I don’t switch on the air-con here, but when I go home and do it, then people are not going to believe in the environmental movement. I just want people to understand that none of us can be Gandhi but if you can, it’s even better. But for normal human beings out there, let’s just do our part and don’t waste.”

All three contestants got to take home all the electrical appliances and furniture which had kept them company for the past 24 hours. – CNA/vm


One response to “Marcus Tay, finalist in Saving Gaia contest

  1. Haa.. yes! the 24-hr inside the glass box thing is for real! :p Marcus, go! go! go! u can do it! :p

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