November in Green “Urbanites” feature in The Straits Times

November was featured in a slightly inaccurate article in The Straits Times today. She has already blogged her corrections from Cameron Highlands, Malaysia!

I reproduce it below with the correction about Toddycats numbers since we better not have people think we are such a large group. We struggle to do what we can as it is!

Ms November Tan, 26, winner of the Bayer Young Environmentalist Award and HSBC National Youth Achievement Award

Ms November Tan began her love affair with nature when she was a child. She went for hikes with her parents and learnt about the environment she lives in.

Now 26, she is a nature guide on Pulau Ubin, taking groups around the island and teaching them about environmental conservation. She also trains new guides, and authors a blog about the island and its history.

The environmental warrior in her also initiated Toddycats Engage, a group of over 100 volunteers [there are 35 Toddycats right now] from the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, which provides feedback to various government agencies and organisations on environmental issues.

‘Every time I hear somebody come up to me saying that they felt inspired to do something for the environment, even if it’s as simple as to stop using straws, I feel a sense of fulfilment.’


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