Pasir Panjang Guides get into action for Heritage Fest

Heritage Fest is almost upon us and the Pasir Panjang team carries the baton for this annual contribution to the festival.

In this version of the trail, the guides meet the public at Raffles Museum and walk to Bukit Chandu. The museum meeting point allows late comers to play catch up.

As always, all the information is on the webpage at I used Rapidweaver 3.5 to setup the Heritage Fest webpage quickly. I just needed to adapt the text from the old webpage, which was relatively easy. The experience was smooth enough to have me thinking of Rapidweaver 4.0 once I shift to OS X Leopard. Also I shall buy some new templates for other projects as it has been fuss free.

Since the Pasir Panjang Guides, like most other Toddycats programmes can only cope with a small number of people at anyone time (some 60-80), we can conduct the same trail with minor variations each year. We see fresh faces each time so this is a sustainable formula; we also don’t overtax ourselves by limiting our walks to just three times a year.

This formula means registration and publicity can run its usual course after just a couple of phone calls between friends. That keeps everyone updated and in contact. It also renews the motivation – all provided I remember to get things going in the first place! But since this is nothing a well-timed calendar reminder can’t accomplish, it is a relatively safe situation!

Then of course, it is the guide’s natural interest and commitment to these dates we agree on at the beginning of the year that sees it through. Since this small company has suffered attrition from the flu in the past, we have decided to step up recruitment. So join us if you’re interested and observe us this time. New guides get pretty good tuition before they guide as history content is somehow less straightforward than the flora, fauna and geography components.

– N. Sivasothi a.k.a. Otterman


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