Alison Wee – hair today, gone tomorrow

Alison Wee (ICC Penang), is going to lose her two-year length of hair!

We were walking out from NUS this afternoon after the 1st ICC Singapore Workshop for Organisers when she startled me with this revelation – “my head is going to look like yours!”

ICCS Data Manager Anand then chipped with some notes because his mum had done the same thing a year or two ago.

So why are a bunch of ladies lopping off their head of hair for? It’s Hair for Hope – a resonant gesture in an effort to raise funds for the Singapore Children Cancer Foundation and “to let cancer patients know they are DEFINITELY not alone.”

We discussed how she thought she would feel when she goes under the blade. Dinesh (ICCS Zone Captain for Pulau Ubin), Anand and myself (note all guys) said, “it’s just hair, it’ll grow back!”

We were trying to be reassuring of course. But yeah, right!

If you wish to make a donation in support of Toddycat & HFH Shavee-to-be, Alison Wee or post an encouraging message, click here .

She and the rest of the shavees will be at Velocity@Novena Square (main floor atrium) tomorrow, Sunday 6th July 2008.

– N. Sivasothi a.k.a. Otterman


One response to “Alison Wee – hair today, gone tomorrow

  1. Hey man, thanks soooooo~ much for the encouragement! It’s now just 2 hours from my shaving slot. Will be heading towards Novena soon.

    I’ll definitely put up some pics by today. But we seriously need to take another photo when you come back from Tioman!

    Have fun there ya!

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