A Toddycats Tree @ Clementi Woods on 10.10.10

Facebook | Photos of Tan Hui-Ning Amanda
Amanda Tan, Low Pei Yee and Lim Pei Jin from NUSSU SAVE
during a recce of Clementi Woods.

Fellow Toddycat Amanda Tan says,

“Hi Toddycats!

Students Against Violation of the Earth (SAVE) is currently working on a tree planting exercise on 10.10.10. We will be planting 30 trees at Clementi Woods. This location was chosen due to its close proximity to NUS Kent Ridge Campus and it serves to benefit the local community around NUS.

We are inviting NUS students, staff and academics to sponsor and plant trees to offset their carbon footprint. Each tree costs $200, a sum stipulated by NParks. NUS President Professor Tan Chorh Chuan and Provost Professor Tan Eng Chye have already pledged to plant 1 tree a year for the next 5 years.

On the day of the tree-planting ceremony, a leaf printing on recyclable bags session will also be carried out to let participants appreciate nature while having fun.

I was thinking if Toddycats would like to chip in to plant a tree that day? It’ll be nice to have Toddycats get together to ‘own’ a tree at Clementi Woods and spend Sunday morning together!”

So Toddycats will plant a tree

  1. Carmen Kee*
  2. Petrina Ng
  3. Ong Say Lin
  4. Christopher Puan*
  5. Junius Soh Hock Heng*
  6. Ivan Khong*
  7. Airani S.*
  8. Ng Kai Scene
  9. Trina Chua
  10. Kenneth Pinto*
  11. Adrian Loo
  12. Xu Weiting
  13. Hidayat Kanin*
  14. Marcus Chua
  15. Lee Shin Jia
  16. Teo Kah Ming
  17. Robert Balgrie*
  18. Anand Balan*
  19. Lim Chen Kee
  20. Erica Sena Neves*
  21. Fung Tze Kwan*
  22. Enoka Priyadarshani Kuda Vidanage*
  23. N. Sivasothi*
Google Maps: Clementi Woods

– N. Sivasothi a.k.a. Otterman


3 responses to “A Toddycats Tree @ Clementi Woods on 10.10.10

  1. Unfortunately, I will be overseas that weekend. Have fun and take photos of the tree planting!

  2. I will cycle down and take photos for sure.

  3. Yeah! We have a tree!

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