ICCS Otters blog!

ICCS Otters Blogging
ICCS Otters blogging after returning from the cleanup

The group of Toddycats who coordinate the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore are known as the ICCS Otters. They plan, mentor and educate organisers before the cleanup, go down to the sites to work with them as SIte Buddies, evaluate performance and collate data. Once back in NUS, the same day, they submit the data and photographs and then they blog!

The experiences are fresh and there is hardly time time later to blog as every volunteer returns to the busy life hey have put on hold. So I get them to finish their posts on the spot and then edit and release those to the ICCS News blog over the next week or so.

NUS Life Sciences Lab 7 is our data and blog centre and the iMac Minis are a boon to making this process so much more simpler. Each volunteer has a mac of his/her own to work on.

The posts are important reflective pieces that illustrate some of the effort involved in the process provide some indication of the site and remain online as some testimony to the contribution of various organisations and individuals. So casual blogging in Singapore might be on the decline but the ICCS Zone and Site Captains are plugging away with increasing ease over the years!

So hop over and read some of their stories…

News from the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore

– N. Sivasothi a.k.a. Otterman


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  1. Ah, new template for the ICCS blog!

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