Toddycats Engage! @ Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium III

Toddycats Engage!, the Raffles Museum Toddycat’s Exhibition Team setup shop at the Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium III on 24th Sept 2011 @ NUS LT27! This was our first event since the revival of the exhibition team led by Civetgirls Xu Weiting and myself.

On the symposium day at 7.00am, Weiting, Junius Soh and I retrieved our specimens and props from LS LAB 7 at Block S2 and transported them down to LT27 to set up the booth. Erica Sena Neves was already waiting and soon after, other Toddycats arrived and we got ready to meet and interact with the early birds at the symposium!

Toddycats Booth w Erica & Glendon

Toddycats Booth with Erica Senea Neves & Glendon Teo!

Inline with the symposium awards that were to be handed out to veteran groups of the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore, the theme of our booth was marine life and the ICCS. So the centre-piece was the baby dugong specimen and dolphin skull backed up with ICCS posters like the “Curse of Plastics”.

We also showcased for the first time, Junius’ 3D papercrafts of our local wildlife. We were very excited that the papercrafts were well received by the natural history community!

Wildlife 3D Papercrafts Series 1

Wildlife 3D Papercrafts Series 1 (Photo by Junius Soh)

Wildlife 3D Papercrafts Series 2

Wildlife 3D Papercrafts Series 2 (Photo by Junius Soh)

At around 8.25am, Toddycats, together with the public, proceeded into LT27 excitedly and the symposium started right on time!

Toddycats attending the symposium

Toddycats Ong SayLin, Amanda Tan & Meryl Theng attending the symposium

Symposium Awards were presented by Minister of State Tan Chuan Jin to ICCS Organisers who have been participating in the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore for between 7 to 20 years! Congratulations to them all for their dedicated service!

ICCS Award Recipients

ICCS Award Recipients

Once tea break arrived, it was show time for the Posters and Toddycats’ exhibition booth to share stories of our local biodiversity with the public! Both experienced and the recently-trained new Toddycats were well prepared and enthusiastic!

Toddycat David Tan sharing his stories on our marine life

Toddycat David Tan sharing his stories on our marine life

On behalf of Xu Weiting, N. Sivasothi and myself, thank you to all the wonderful Toddycats who volunteered for this event! – Rachael Li, David Tan, Erica Sena Neves, Glendon Teo, Deanna Lye, Junius Soh, Ong Say Lin, Jocelyne Sze, Meryl Theng, Amanda Tan, Ivan Kwan!

Toddycats Engage! Exhibition Team

Toddycats Engage! Exhibition Team

Toddycats are also very grateful to the support of RMBR staff, Kelvin Lim, Sarah Ng and Hazelina Yeo!

Lastly, here is short note by Deanna Lye, our new Toddycat:

The Singapore Biodiversity Symposium I attended today was amazing. Mr. Sivasothi, a life science lecturer at NUS and the man behind all of these wonderful Singapore conservation efforts, never ceases to inspire me.

I myself was involved in the Toddycats booth for the Symposium, and the experience of having the chance to speak out to strangers and share stories of marine life with them gave me a leg up on building confidence.

This was how I spent my Saturday (24th September 2011). From 9am to 6pm at NUS, I was taking in turns to man the booth with other expert NUS students and listening to environmental and conservation-effort talks given by numerous speakers… 

The Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium III was indeed one of the most memorable events that one could ever attended! 

More exhibition events by Toddycats Engage! will be scheduled – check here for updates. If you join us, you just need to have a passion for nature!


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