1,000 engaged with biodiversity in Singapore @ Yishun Pond Rejuvenated

Sat 12 Nov 2011 – Raffles Museum Toddycats engaged almost 1,000 members of the public at Yishun Pond Rejuvenated in the grounds of the Khoo Teck Puat hospital! It was a wonderfully exciting day for all of us as we showcased some of Singapore’s amazing natural heritage through museum specimens.

Toddycat David Tan intrigues children withthe specimen of a giant mudskipper

As usual, while setting up, passer-bys were intrigued by the specimens and a few even asked if the specimens were on sale. Sorry, no, these are not alternative medicinal products!!

Though it was the re-launch of the freshwater Yishun Pond, we inserted a mangrove and marine theme – after all, it still aquatic and we have lovely stories! And we sold some of Junuis’ native wildlife paper crafts which families loved!

Toddycat Jocelyne Sze and Pang Wei Han with 3D wildlife papercrafts

There was a constant stream of people so we were busy, busy, busy! The many new volunteers in our midst received their baptism of fire – and they were enthusiastic. They actively engaged the public and found that they were intrigued and surprised that Singapore still had such a diversity of animals. Yes, happiness! Our mission to educate and enthuse met once again!

A family engaged with the native biodiversity boardgamefacilitated by Toddycats Foo Fang Fang and Eileen Lim

A group of curious children examine the tree-climbing crabwhile Toddycat Nandini Srinivasan reveals secrets of its lifestyle

Light, mid-day showers threatened so we switched to an indoor venue with volunteers ensuring none of the precious specimens got wet. We have an important responsibility to ensure these specimens last longer than we will on this planet, and indeed many are older than us!

A quick shift indoor and setup to avoid the drizzle!

Rain did not dampen the guides’ spirits nor the crowds. We took a brief respite then continued with renewed passion, taking specimens out for people to have a closer look!

Back in action! The morphology of horseshoe crabs explained by Toddycat Germaine Leng

We must have talked to almost 1,000 people over a period of 6 hours, phew! Guides were actively interacting with the public, exciting many children and adults about the biodiversity of Singapore with the brave ones touching the specimens.

Thanks to the team of enthusiastic volunteers who ranged from high school to undergrads and graduate students, alumni and working adults, the new guides who came for their training in the evening after work and school and prepared well for this event – Pang Wei Han, David Tan, Jocelyne Sze, Lim Kim Yong, Junius Soh, Chong Jun Hien, Chia Pei Ying, Foo Fang Fang, Eileen Lim, Kong Ching Wan, Ng Qi Qi, Sarah Seo, Germaine Leng, Nandini Srinivasan, Teo Kah Ming, Robert Lasley, Maxine Mowe and Seok Teng.

Thanks to Junius and Jun Hien who gladly transported the specimens from NUS to Khoo Teck Puat hospital – real early mind you, because we were ready for show time at 8am! And thanks to Kelvin Lim from the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, for the support with the specimen preparation as always!

Crowds at the Toddycats booth!

Homodont reptilian dentition discussed by Fung Tze Kwan to a group of kids all eager to touch the crocodile skull

Happy kids with horseshoe crabs specimens- these were once common on our shores

For more photos of this event, see the facebook album of photos here.

Passionate about nature and the environment? Join us at Geylang East Library next, on 10 December 2011. And we are recruiting volunteers, always!


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