Toddycats Engage! preparing for Wild Carnivores at the Library exhibition

Raffles Museum Toddycats are once again busy preparing for our upcoming exhibition at the Geylang East Public Library! After our recruitment run, we had 22 volunteers who turned up for the training session yesterday, Thursday, 8th Dec 2011!

Toddycat Marcus Tay who is a International Coastal Cleanup Singapore veteran was both delighted and surprised to meet this big group of new volunteers! We are also very glad that many of our new volunteers are NUS Life Sciences undergraduates who have decided to spend their holidays in a very meaningful way! Toddycats welcome both NUS, non-NUS, biology and non-biology volunteers as long as they are passionate about nature and eager to interact with the public.

During the get to know you session where each volunteer shared why they wanted to join Toddycats, it was really great to hear some students expressing their wish to share their knowledge with the public instead of just memorising them as theory.

All new Toddycats Engage! volunteers get a sneak peek of the specimens to be showcased at the exhibition!

It is important to conduct a training session before every exhibition event because this will not only allow us to get to know each other, it is also a great opportunity for experienced guides to share interesting stories with the new volunteers.  Toddycats also get to learn the importance of giving accurate information and to be extremely careful when handling the museum specimens.

Civet girls, Tze Kwan and myself, sharing information about the Toddycat, our last wild urban carnivore and the threats it faces in urban Singapore.

At the end of the training session, many stayed to help out with the packing of the specimens that we will be bringing down to Geylang East Public Library on Saturday. It was very heartening to see Toddycats all cheery, enthusiastic and ready for show time  tomorrow!

Toddycat Ivan Kwan writes about this session on his Lazy Lizard Tales blog with a sneak preview at the specimens we’ll have to show you, and the volunteers who have plenty of stories to share!

Interested in finding out what our volunteers are looking at? Join us tomorrow at Geylang East Public Library!


2 responses to “Toddycats Engage! preparing for Wild Carnivores at the Library exhibition

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