Raffles Museum Toddycats’ preparation for Singapore World Water Day Exhibition (Sat 24 Mar 2012)

Another long but successful training session had just ended for our 17 Raffles Museum Toddycats volunteers  who turned up this evening, Thursday, 22rd March 2012. With several new volunteers from various organisations joining the   group for our upcoming Singapore World Water Day exhibition at Lorong Halus Wetland, there were many surprising yet enriching insights and experiences shared by both our experienced guides and the new volunteers.

Toddycat volunteers all geared up for Singapore World Water Day!

During the interactive session, the volunteers introduced themselves to one another and it was indeed heartening to note how some of them expressed their interest in joining Toddycats to learn more about our local biodiversity that lives amidst Singapore’s prevalent concrete jungle.

As the training progressed, volunteers were provided with information on several species of indigenous animals that are to some extent, threatened by habitat destruction caused by our seemingly incessant need to urbanise. Besides the theory behind these fauna, practical tips for guiding, including how to engage the public with accurate information and other personal experiences, as well as how to handle the specimens with care, were disseminated to our volunteers.

Toddycat Jocelyne sharing her insights on a specimen

Important notions of biodiversity conservation were highlighted during the training session, deeply inspiring our volunteers to be more proactive when educating the public about the specimens during the upcoming event.

All ready to awe the public

Curious to know what these specimens are? Then join us this Saturday, 24th March at Lorong Halus Wetland from 8.30am to 11.30am for an educational experience with Singapore’s very own biodiversity!


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