Mangroves, ice-cream and otter poop live from a safe PCN ride on the Otter Cycling Trail with Raffles Museum Toddycats!

In May this year, Meryl Theng and Amanda Tan joined Zendogs on their Sunday morning ride which took them from Changi to Punggol. That was an eventful ride as revealed by the tweets from that day.

Breakfast gathering of ZenDogs (and ZenCats) gathering at Changi Village!
The start of it all – Meryl and Amanda cycle with Zendogs, 06 May 2012

Well, that was not just a simple joy ride, for it was also a recce trip for the Otter Trail, which is on its maiden ride right now. Led by Meryl Theng and Amanda Tan, with the help of Zendogs, this trial ride was advertised this week welcoming about 20 sign-ups. It is past midday and the group is heading back from Punggol now, passing by Pasir Ris.

I am down with the flu so missed this ride which looks lovely, from the Twitter and Facebook updates I just saw. We can look forward to an account and reflections from the ride leaders later. In the meantime, some photos below. If you missed this, no worries, for there will be more rides in future – just watch this space!

Otter Cycling Trail! Prata!
Starting the day with prata!

Cycling Activity 28.05 km | RunKeeper
Click for route map.

Otter Trail ride briefing
Morning briefing at Changi Vilage

Staying on the PCN
The Otter Trail stays entirely on NPark’s Park Connector Network
(Pasir Ris Drive 3)

Sg Tampines
Pit Stop 1 along the Sungei Tampines in Pasir Ris Park

Elias Road
Beauty and tragedy of green spots in Singapore,
State Land means here today, gone tomorrow!

Ice cream at Pasir Ris
Pit stop wherever there is an Ice-cream Man!

Meryl talks about otters
Otter stories at Serangoon Reservoir by Ottergirl

Andy Dinesh
Alvin Wong picks otter scat to show participants its fishy diet.

Photos by Meryl Theng, Andy Dinesh, Amanda Tan and Fung Tze Kwan; Runkeeper track by Keneth Pinto.

Photos from:

  • Alvin Wong – link
  • Fung Tze Kwan – link

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