Ottergirl reflects on Otter Cycling Trail v1.0!

Saturday 28th July marked the day I first organized a guided event for Raffles Museum Toddycats and the public. The first of its kind, this was a task dreamed up by the Otterman. It involved otter and after all, I am Ottergirl!

With a lot of support from Chicken Girl (Amanda Tan who is really Red Jungle Fowl Girl) and nature/safety guides from there cycling group ZenDogs, we rode as a pack of 19 (including 3 Safety Guides and 4 Nature Guides) along the PCNs, roads, and past traffic in the blazing sun, without any major hiccups.

Sharing sessions ensued at each pit stop as we talked about herons, fish, red jungle fowls, wild pigs, otters and about the issues that continue to plague the existence of these animals. It was great sharing knowledge on our pet subjects and of course, raising awareness for their cause!

Alvin Wong demonstrates the difference between the call of a domestic chicken and red jungle fowl

It was a great opportunity to meet new people with an interest for cycling and nature. Members from the Nature Society (Singapore), international friends, veterans, undergraduates and the public each had their own perspective on things. It was awesome to hear chatter among different groups of people!

The first batch of participants in Lorong Halus (Photo: Fang Chee)

Til’ the next time folks! We’ll process the feedback, conduct a long-awaited debrief and reorganise.

Keep a lookout for the new and improved Otter Cycling Trail v2.0 here!

See Siva’s blog posts about the ride’s happenings and how the Otter Trail began!


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