What we’re busy with!

This is a quick list for now, while we catch our breaths amidst our daily grind

There’s more, like our second Howl at the Moon session and planning for the Biodiversity Festival, Mandai M&M Workshop, Oil Spill Response, ICCS recruitment, etc.

This list will be updated and shifted to our Calendar 2013 tab eventually.


  1. Mon 11 Mar 2013 – Invitation to Organisers register for ICCS2013 will be announced. [link]
  2. Wed 13 Mar 2013 – Last Hurrah! Guide orientation briefing at Raffles Museum
  3. Thu 14 Mar 2013 – ICCS Recruitment announcement for volunteers and Site Buddies
  4. Fri 15 Mar 2013 – Biodiversity Roundtable (Toddycats represented by Fung Tze Kwan & Xu Weiting; ICCS represented by Ng Kai Scene & Andy Dinesh)
  5. Sat 16 Mar 2013 (AM) – Otter Trail Recce for safety and nature guides conducted by Meryl Theng, Amanda Tan & N. Sivasothi
  6. Sat 16 Mar 2013 (PM) – Sivasothi speaking about trees at “The Mango Tree” book launch at NLB
  7. Mon 18 – Fri 22 Mar 2013 Last Hurrah! tours (all full) by veteran guides.
  8. Wed 20 Mar 2013 – Dinner and Last Hurrah! Tour for Toddycats. All Toddycats welcome, but register.
  9. Fri 22 Mar 2013: ICCS Otters meet to select and announce the first list of participating Organisations for ICCS2013.
  10. Sun 23 Mar 2012: Otter Trail (fully booked)


  1. Mon 01 Apr 2013: 7pm – Lessons from Chek Jawa, communication, strategies and engagement in Singapore (Siva) & conservation in Southeast Asia (Mary Rose Posa), annual talks for the Duke Urban Topical Ecology class, Toddycats welcome; registration links will be sent.
  2. Sat 18 May 2013 – Faculty of Science Open House: Toddycats will conduct demo at Lab 7; Sivasothi might conduct a talk
  3. Sat 08 Jun 2013 – “Science on Saturday” for department alumni: Toddycats will demo at Lab 7 and a wildlife and research in Singapore talk to be conducted by Sivasothi

2 responses to “What we’re busy with!

  1. Cooool stuff – thanks for the updates! Can I just check – for the 1 April talk on ‘Lessons from Chek Jawa’, is it open to all Toddycats members? If so, how do i join?

  2. Yes Jia LIng, for all of these, Toddycats will be invited via our mailing list.

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