Otter Trail guides on their recce!

I popped down to Changi Village to brief the Otter Trail guides led by Meryl Theng and Amanda Tan. The briefing covered fundamentals of bike check, bike use, safety and etiquette. I hastily penned an outline on the way down. I will flesh this out later and add route details.

Otter Trail Guides briefing

As I write, they have reached Sungei Api Api in Pasir Ris Park. See Kenneth Pintos Runkeeper activity being broadcast live here.

Otter Trail Recce - Cycling Activity 8.85 km | RunKeeper

Otter rail guides at Pasir Ris Park

Otter Trail - Sg Tampines
Otter Trail Guides at Sungei Tampines, Pasir Ris Park

Otter Trail - Lor Halus pit stop
Otter Trail guides at Lor Halus Visitor Kiosk

2013-03-16 13.12.06
Lunch “brake” at Mushroom cafe, Sengkang

More photos here.

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