Public Gallery’s Last Hurrah! guides briefing (Wed 20 Mar 2013)

We gathered last Wednesday, young and old, for a familiarisation tour and briefing. Toddycats have focused on activities outside the museum so much so that we have not kept pace with the changes within.

Last Hurrah Full House!

And fangs there have been – including building safety changes. A new high step before the wet collection was of great interest! And new exits which have improved evacuation possibilities in case of an emergency.

Adjacent to the museum is a construction site, which is fascinating to behold from the new stairwell in the rear. And the library now hosts the restoration workshop for specimens which will feature Kate Pocklington.

As always, food first before we began, provided by Airani! Thanks to Adrian for the pictures and video he very quickly circulated.

Everyone’s briefed and is ready next week for The Last Hurrah!







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