Faces of the collection – photos from the Raffles Museum Last Hurrah! tours

When I posted news of the Raffles Museum Last Hurrah! tours, I think it was Brandon Seah, now at theMax Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen said, “take lots of photos!”

A quick email to Toddycats manger Fung Tze Kwan and she sent out the call for photographers. And we have photographers at every session. After a quarter-century, the space had to be celebrated too. With a bonus of the faces and the specimens.

Or the faces OF the specimens. Well illustrated here by undergraduate Eunice Soh!


Which one is the odd one out?

See this and more at the Raffles Museum Last Hurrah tours Flickr Collection, eight sets and growing!

Thanks to Joelle for highlighting this by favouriting the photo on Flickr.


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