Programme details for our gig in June – “Science on Saturday” for NUS FoS alumni

Dear Toddycats,

Details of our gig in June is emerging! The recruitment form will be circulated soon, once we confirm details for our event in May.



Faculty of Science Alumni Engagement 2013 – “Science on Saturday”

[1] Talk (9.15am – 10.00am) @ LT31 – “Zoological Explorations in Singapore” by N. Sivasothi aka Otterman

Pangolins, otters, dolphins, dugongs, wild boars, turtles, monitor lizards, mouse deer and common palm civets. Do you know that they still exist in Singapore?

Zoological explorations in Singapore by NUS staff and student researchers, along with an active natural history community, continue to raise the awareness of a very surprised urban citizenry and address conservation challenges though a variety of avenues.

Come join us, as we take you through some of these discoveries, projects and people, happening right here in our forests and shores.

[2] Lab Demo (10am to 12pm) @ Life Sciences Lab 7 – “Discovering Zoology, form and function in animals” by Raffles Museum Toddycats

Why do crab pincers look like they have teeth? Why are some animals long-legged and others short-legged? How does a snake and lizard “fly” through the air, right here in Singapore?

Learn about the array of adaptations which animals exhibit hone by natural selection from our undergraduates and volunteers, who will help you make sense of the diversity and design of armaments, camouflage, wings, glissading surfaces, skeletons, teeth, skulls and other fascinating design in nature.

Discover the intricacies of form and function in animals through the specimen collection of the Department of Biological Sciences and the roving exhibition collection of the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research.


2 responses to “Programme details for our gig in June – “Science on Saturday” for NUS FoS alumni

  1. This seems interesting! May I please know the exact date of the “Faculty of Science Alumni Engagement”??

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