Toddycats at the Mega Marine Survey!

Toddycats have been at the Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey of Singapore (CMBS) these past two weeks, and we spotted some familiar faces in the media coverage about exciting new findings and rediscoveries of marine species.

The coverage arose from the visit by the Senior Minister of State at the Ministry of National Development Tan Chuan-Jin to St. John’s Island.

Veteran Toddycat Joelle Lai who is staff of the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research and now managing Toddycats, hosted the minister during his visit. At one point she was sharing with him some of the organisms that live in a fan clam. When the minister asked about the taste of a fan clam, Joelle offered the minister one side of the abductor muscle. Joelle told us later that the minister liked it so much, he ate the other half of the muscle as well!

Toddycats Joelle Lai appeared on Minister Tan Chuan-Jin's facebook!

Toddycat Joelle Lai was featured on Minister Tan Chuan-Jin’s facebook where he wrote, “Dr Joelle said that the thing could be eaten so I did…they asked if I had a food taster . I am happy to report that I am still alive and kicking (so far).”

Toddycat Ivan Kwan, a seasoned volunteer for CMBS, sprung into action immediately after his intertidal survey and did station guiding for the media and ministers! He was also interviewed by Channel News Asia and appeared on the news later that evening.

Toddycat Ivan Kwan explaining the form and function of the horseshoe crab. Photo from facebook of NParks.

Toddycat Ivan Kwan explaining the form and function of the horseshoe crab. Photo from NParks.

There are a number of Toddycats who are also volunteering their help during this three weeks of Southern Expedition, and have been busy with a variety of activities from conducting surveys to sorting organisms from the debris. It is an intensive survey period but it must be a great feeling to know that their effort, together with that of the expedition team, is contributing to the knowledge of marine species in our local waters!

To find out more about the Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey of Singapore or how you can volunteer, check out their Facebook page, blog or follow them on Twitter via the hashtag #megamarine.


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