Howl at the Moon 5 – Fri 16 Aug 2013

These Howl at the Moon sessions are for Toddycats members only, to keep the sessions conversational and to allow for frank discussions. The small sessions are fruitful and often translate to action and development of Toddycats.


The next session will be held on Friday 16 August 2013; details are in the mailing list. The proposed agenda includes:

  1. “Love Our MacRitchie Forest” website by David Tan and Chloe Tan – objectives, progress and programmes.
  2. “Uncommon tales of our common monkey,” a talk by Amanda Tan (NTU graduate research student; The Long Tails); so we better understand a species we should know very well, but don’t!
  3. “Love sharks – conservation and ecotourism,” an interview with Kathy Xu to explore her motivation, methods, experience and progress (Sharksavers volunteer and The Dorsal Effect)
  4. Johora singaporensis, updates about a critically endangered species, by N. Sivasothi

Toddycats HOWL Series Coordinator – Chloe Tan.

HOWL Sessions 2013

  1. 26 Feb 2013
  2. 30 Apr 2013
  3. 06 Jun 2013
  4. 17 Jul 2013

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