The Kent Ridge walks begin – the first NUS walk this Friday 06 Sep 2013!

About the walk

Kent Ridge is a spine that runs through NUS and host to a wonderful heritage of plants, animals and history. Buried in our busy lives, we don’t take enough time to explore our neighbourhood.

So we will help – by offering the a series of walks for NUS Staff and students, which begin this Friday! In just 90 minutes, discover a taste of the ridge with a short walk from Central Library to Kent Ridge MRT.

Learn about the bee-pollinated and bat-dispersed plants, the fragrant Tembusu and the irresistible fruit which blackens your lips, all part of the very tough Adinandra belukar.

Where did soldiers look out to the threat of marauding troops against a blackened sky and the sound of thunderous artillery. We will shake off the imagined sounds to listen to our resident birds and learn how Kent Ridge got its name.

After just 90 minutes, we will disappear underground and resume our frantic lives. We hope, though, that you return home enriched with some measure of the heritage nestled in the ridge.


The first of the series of walks begin this Friday 06 Sep 2013: 5.00pm – 6.30pm. You MUST register for there are only 20 places!

Register at!

We will email the confirmed participants with details.

See you on the ridge!






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