Ready to tackle the Kranji East Mangrove coastal cleanup this Saturday?

Dear Toddycats and Independents,

Thank you for your patience in waiting for this email. Please read this carefully and write me immediately if you have any questions; thanks!

We meet at 7.40am this Saturday
This Saturday, we will be meeting at Kranji Reservoir Car Park A at 7.40am (map attached) to be briefed and suited up for the work. I appreciate very much that you are waking up early on a Saturday for this!

We expect to finish by 12.00pm.

ICCS Kranji East mangrove cleanup on Sat 21 Sep 2013

Transport is available from the following places/times:

  • 7.00am – Dover MRT (westward, same side as polytechnic)
  • 7.30am – Kranji MRT (bus stop adjacent to MRT)
  • 12.00pm – Bus leaves for Kranji and Clementi MRT

Please let me know to expect you here:

No heroics during the cleanup!
Kranji East is a tough site with difficult and limited access. Do be guided by your site captains. We will work carefully, and at a slow and steady rate. And we will leave the heavy bulky items behind.

Who we work with
We are about 50 in number and we will work with:

  • FMC Technologies (20 volunteers)
  • Jurong Secondary School (40)
  • North Vista Secondary ODAC (35)

This is some 145 in all, a good balance between impact and effectiveness.

A hand with the trash!
We need to leave the trash near the road, so we will hire a pickup to transport trash bags from the Trash Collection Point (TCP) to the Trash Disposal Point (TDP; see map) – less back breaking work for us!

Be prepared!

  • Sleep early the night before and hydrate – for better performance, enjoyment of the morning and fewer mistakes.
  • Set your alarm to wake up on time – we can’t wait for latecomers
  • Have a decent breakfast – it will be a workout!

What to bring

  • Covered shoes with hard soles – hard-soled booties are fine.
  • Water bottle (more than one litre of water).
  • Hat and/or sun block.
  • Raincoat/ponco (we will carry on working in rain but stop for lightning or a heavy storm)
  • Towel in a bag – to wipe off any sand and mud off you.
  • Some water to wipe yourself down with, even with a water point in the vicinity.
  • A change of t-shirt is a great relief after the sweaty workout.
  • Pants to protect your legs from insect bites.
  • Water-proof your belongings.


  • 7.00am – Dover MRT
  • 7.30am – Kranji MRT
  • 7.40am – Meeting Point at Kranji Reservoir Car Park A
    • Briefing, safety, wet weather plan, insect repellent application
  • 8.00am – cleanup begins
  • 8.30am – Loading and Weighing teams begin work
  • 9.30am – Data collection ends – be responsive to Site Captains.
    • Data consolidation
    • Weighing at TCP until completed
    • Trash moved from TCP to TDP – vehicle assisted.
  • 11.00am – Cleanup ends; participants wipe down and wash up.
  • 12.00pm – We all leave – a bus from the carpark will leave from Kranji MRT and Clementi MRT.

We are looking forward to working with and being inspired by you. Have a restful week everyone!


Sivasothi aka Otterman
with Joelle Lai (Organiser, Raffles Museum Toddycats) and Adriane Lee (Dy Zone Captain, North West Zone, ICCS)

Raffles Museum Toddycats


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