Howl at the Moon 6 with Subaraj Rajathurai and Tony O’Dempsey!

Howl at the Moon (HOWL) are special sessions for our hard working Toddycats members only to engage in frank discussions privately to better understand the motivation behind our events and to analyse the mechanisms and strategies behind our activities.

HOWL also provides us a chance to meet and hear from friends in the natural history community – this year Kathy Xu (The Dorsal Effect), Amanda Tan (The Long Tails), and Faizah Jamal (NMP) and Joseph Chun (environment lawyer) have all taken the time to share with us, which has been a highly educational experience,

2013 09 26 Toddycats Howl in ALR

Our sixth session of HOWL on 25 Sep 2013 was a particularly inspirational one as two highly experienced conservationists in Singapore, Subaraj Rajathurai  (wildlife consultant) and Tony O’Dempsey (GIS expert) shared with us highlights from Singapore’s conservation scene.

Subaraj began with the “State of Conservation in Singapore”, recounting decades of conservation work with fascinating scenes which have disappeared from Singapore’s landscape, some sad stories but also many happy ones. As he talked it was clear some of us had not even been born yet as he first set out on his journey of natural history on Singapore. It helped explain the context of some of the issues we encounter today.

Tony’s presentation, “Advocacy for a Rigorous Nature Conservation Policy for Government Agencies” promoted a discussion and questions about post and current policies. It was a engaging way to learn about the realities of conservation in Singapore.


The value of the Green Heart inside the Red Dot [ Tony O’Dempsey]

That evening, Toddycats learned a lot about conservation in Singapore through the years, issues with conservation management, current and future pressures on the Nature Reserves, the state of conservation policies and the importance of public engagement.

We are even more motivated to spread the word about our precious biodiversity and take a more active role for the forest which survives in our fragile Nature Reserves.


Current and future pressure on CCNR [Tony O’Dempsey]

Several Toddycats have since stepped up to be youth advocates for the Love our MacRitchie Forest campaign. We want to help raise public awareness about the precious heritage we have in our forests – something which might escape the busy and increasingly urbanised Singaporean.

We look forward to the opportunity to help fellow Singaporeans discover a place of heritage and joy right here in the midst of our bustling city., something which future generations should have as well.

Since the talk we have been contributing in a few ways:

See you at our walks and at HOWL!


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