Siltation at Venus Loop stream; feedback and action to prevent damage to nature reserves

Siltation meets a clear stream – a problem at Venus Loop stream was observed by Toddycats during a Love MacRitchie tour in November 2013.


See the video by Heng Pei Yan

Toddycats’ Love MacRitchie guide took Grace Chua to explain the concerns and she investigated and wrote it up as an article.

“Miss Chloe Tan, a 24-year-old volunteer with nature group Toddycats, which has been conducting guided nature walks, said she had first noticed silt in the Upper Thomson stream early last month. The stream is home to 12 species of native frogs, including several endangered ones, as well as fish and dragonflies, and siltation would affect these creatures, she said.”

See “Two firms fined for silt-filled water discharge,” by Grace Chua. The Straits Times, 21 Nov 2013.

This issue had been raised to NParks earlier by Nature Society (Singapore)’s Tony O’Dempsey and here we see PUB will take action. With an article about the issue in the press, it will help others realise they can help too.

Feedback from the ground to relevant government agencies is of critical importance. There are various problems in our already highly-impacted nature reserves which we discussed during the last HOWL. We can contribute to improving the situation by observing, reporting and following up on action, like Toddycats did here.

Good job everyone.


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