Preparing for 2014 and beyond!

After several weeks of emails pinning down dates, the first Howl at the moon session for 2014 was held yesterday at the Science Library Seminar room. It was an evening of sharing, with Meryl, Weiting and Chloe taking the stage giving the 25 people present updates about various projects.

The round of introductions were fascinating as there were many new faces but we learnt that was somehow many of us were linked through the web of nature and the environment in Singapore!

We had to vacate the seminar room by 9 pm but our lovely Science Librarians gave us another 30 minutes to wrap things up and we used the last 15 minutes of our time hurriedly listing a calendar of Toddycats outreach events for 2014 and 2015.

There are exciting times ahead!

(More pictures here)

Meryl Theng with highlights from
the Asian Otter meeting at Bangalore

Xu Weiting with the “no more Kopi Luwak please” project

Chloe Tan with the Love MacRitchie project update

Calendar 2014


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