Ready for action at Sungei Buloh Anniversary celebrations!

Toddycats and our predecessor The Habitat Group have celebrated the anniversary of Sungei Buloh with a free guided walk in appreciation of this precious place since 1997, four years after the part was officially declared open on 6th December 1993.

In some years, the walk is part of a much bigger celebration with the reserve and we have set aside Saturday almost a year earlier! the 21st anniversary celebration will unveil the reserve extension and we are joining in with walks for 100 registered visitors and a specimen booth at the new Visitor Centre @ Kranji!

Joelle loading up a taxi with our posters and specimens at the NUS Biological Sciences car park
2014 12 05 14 45 50

Ivan Kwan of Toddycats and staff of SBWR helped Joelle set up the Toddycats booth in the Bakau Room
20141205 ToddycatsBooth


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