The Himalayan Mutt Project by Debby Ng!

Hosted by NUS Peace and Toddycats, Debby Ng, co-founder of the Himalayan Mutt Project was invited to share her inspiring story of how this project started in 2014. Warmly welcomed by Mr Sivasothi, Debby shared her story with an audience of close to 40 people. Many showed their support for the project!


A warm welcome to Debby!


With all our wonderful attendees!

As a photojournalist, Debby kicked off the talk with beautiful photographs of the wildlife that she saw in the Himalaya, from rare musk deers to the national bird of Nepal – the Himalayan Monal.

The elusive Himalayan snow leopards.

The elusive Himalayan snow leopards.

In search of the red pandas.

In search of the red pandas.

During her travels in the Himalaya, she encountered locals who spoke about the problems caused by the dogs in their villages, such as attacks on the domestic animals and wildlife. Villagers resort to culling these dogs with rat poison, as there are no sterilization programmes in that area.


Save the dogs of the Himalaya!

Debby saw an opportunity to save these dogs from a slow and painful death, so she collaborated with Nepali veterinarians and the Rimpoche of the Manang district to vaccinate both the feral and domestic dogs against rabies and neuter them. With tremendous support from generous donors and the cooperation of the Nepalese community, the first Himalayan Mutt expedition successfully neutered 153 dogs over just two weeks!


Rimpoche of Manang district, who firmly supports the Himalayan Mutt Project.


Donated funds go into transporting medical equipments and supplies through the Himalaya, where vehicles cannot get through.The photo of the guy carrying the blue tub across the bridge. Co-founder, Mukhiya Gotame, lends a hand to the heavy lifting.

A survey done in January 2015 saw the need to continue this project, so Debby is currently seeking donations for the second Himalayan Mutt expedition in September.


Engaging the audience through stories and humour!

It was heartwarming to see many of the attendees expressing keen interest in the project. The Q&A session was filled with interesting questions for Debby, from wanting to know about the difficulties faced by the team in catching the feral dogs for sterilization, to suggestions on how to improve the project.


All eyes on Debby.


Debby engaging in a discussion with Sivasothi.


1, 2, 3, smile!

Thank you Debby for your wonderful sharing!


Let us take a welfie! Photo credit to Sivasothi.

Many stayed on after the talk to purchase Himalayan Mutt Project merchandise and gave generously to the Himalayan Mutt Project! Your generous support is much needed for this second expedition to become a reality, so please join Debby in this worthy cause if it resonates with you!


A big thank you to Toddycats interns Lynn and Sankar, and Dewi from NUS Peace for their fundraising efforts!

Merchandise for sale! Get yourself some shirts, hats, tote bags, stickers or pins!


Matching outfits!


Buy, buy, buy!

Find out more and pledge at today! 10572116_798922350161677_8027328187371178127_o

Update: The goal for the second Himalayan Mutt Project has been reached and pledging is now closed. Thank you all for your generous contributions and please continue to support Debby and her team for future projects! Whoohoo!


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