Himalayan Mutt Project 5-day Fundraiser

Prior to the talk by Debby Ng, Toddycats and NUS PEACE worked hand-in-hand to hold a five-day fundraiser in NUS. From 4 Feb 2015 to 10 Feb 2015, we spoke to many students and staff about the Himalayan Mutt Project to raise awareness and funds, and also to inform them about Debby’s talk on Wednesday, 11 Feb 2015!


Sankar with NUS PEACE members Aaron and Dewi ready to start our day!

For five days, we tirelessly covered grounds at NUS Central Library Walkway as well as UTown. Most people cringed at the plight of the dogs, others hoped to do more to help Debby and her team in Himalayas. Many further expressed interest in attending the talk by Debby on Wednesday! Any small amount of donation from them will go a long way and we were extremely grateful for all their help!


Sankar eagerly explaining the project to an NUS student.

Approaching people for all five days to raise funds for the project was no easy feat, and reinforcements often brighten up our day so much!


Reinforcement, Becky Lee (ICCS Intern) and her cousin putting a huge smile to our faces!

You can find out more about the Himalayan Mutt Project at pozi.be/mutts now! The Himalayan Mutt Project has reached its target as of today, but any donations are still very much welcomed!


Capacity building of our youth through NUS Toddycats, volunteers with the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, is part of SG50 celebrations.


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