Kent Ridge Heritage Trail Training – Mapping the trail with lamp post numbers

The Kent Ridge Guide Trainees were told to report to the benches outside the Chinese Library for training. Despite the pouring rain, they arrived punctually. Once the rain abated, we set off!

At the very start, we saw a female Pink Necked Green Pigeon eating the fruits of a palm tree. Even though it was pretty cold, there was a Changeable Lizard sitting on a rock in the open.

We were told by Sivasothi aka Otterman to map out the Ridge, using each lamp post as a checkpoint and identifying important landmarks around them. This was to give us a better understanding of the biogeography of the area.


From the left: Lynn, Sankar, Hui Zhen, Becky, Ing Sind, Cherry and Shira

During the first training session, we learnt the common plants of the Ridge in theory. But walking along Kent Ridge Road itself gave us an opportunity to experience the place first-hand.

By mapping the Ridge, we learnt where the significant landmarks and plants where located, allowing us to develop our own individual styles of guiding. At the end, we walked past S2 towards Kent Ridge station. As we were passing by KE7 Hall, Becky turned around and saw an orange glow in the sky. “Let’s go see the sunset!” she exclaimed. Excitedly, we climbed the stairs to the carpark. And the view was simply breathtaking.


It was truly an unexpected, unplanned surprise.


Capacity building of our youth through NUS Toddycats, volunteers with the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, is part of SG50 celebrations.


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