What to do when you spot a trapped bird?

On 8 Apr 2015 (Wed) at noon, Mr. Sivasothi reported a bird calling loudly outside 34. SG50 Interns Sankar and Lynn, along with ICCS Intern Becky swiftly went to check the place out and found a myna trapped in the stairwell of S17 leading to LT 33 and 34.


The stairwell of NUS S17 (leading to LT 33 and 34) where the trapped myna was spotted. NUS S17 is also home to the Department of Mathematics and CRISP.

The Office of Estate and Development (OED) was quickly informed of this issue and Mr. Atif arrived at the LT within minutes. He helped us open the windows within reach and advised us to stay away from the stairwell as our presence may prevent it from flying lower to where the windows were located.

The windows are all well within reach and open-able by everyone to allow a small gap for the bird to escape by. So next time if you spot a bird trapped in this stairwell (or any other buildings in NUS), open any windows within reach and move away from the windows and the trapped bird.

You can try to bait the bird by placing biscuit crumbs or a small bowl of water by the window, but do remember to clean up after the bird has gotten out!

If the bird is still unable to get out on its own after opening the windows, do call the OED Maintenance hotline at 6516-1515 and report the situation. If these still do not work, do call the ACRES wildlife rescue hotline at 9783-7782.



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