Toddycats at Ubin Day, 13-14 Jun 2015

Toddycats at Ubin Day 2015 (13-14 Jun 2015)


Preparations for Ubin Day had begun weeks before the event and finally on 12 Jun 2015, Sankar A & Lynn Ng (Toddycats SG50 Interns), Becky Lee (ICCS Intern) and Toddycats Joys Tan and Joleen Chan got together to pack logistics for Ubin Day.


The next day, Toddycats began arriving on Ubin as early as 7.00am! To beat the dawn awakening, some Toddycats like Law Ing Sind and Becky Lee had stayed over the previous night!


Toddycats arrived early to set up our booth.


All done!

The first day a huge crowd overran the booths! Many had come in celebration of Siglap Day as well.


Toddycats excite the the crowd with stories about the specimens!

Iris Ng and Lee Juin Bin informed people about the Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium IV – BoSS IV will be held on the 01 Aug 2015 and you can find out more here!


Iris Ng and Lee Juin Bin hard-selling BoSS IV


Ubin Day’s first BoSS registrant – see you at BoSS!

The Toddycats booth had a very special visitor: Mr Desmond Lee, Minister of State with the Ministry of National Development.


Mr Desmond Lee enjoyed the ICCS interactive exhibit.

Becky Lee and Sankar A chatted with another special visitor, the Minister of National Development Mr Khaw Boon Wan, who was fascinated by the Hawksbill turtle and dugong specimens we had on display.


Sharing with Mr Khaw about Singapore’s marine biodiversity and the threats they face.

Civet Intern Claudia Ang, was actively sharing stories about the Common Palm Civet and the cruelty behind Kopi Luwak. You can find out more here.


Claudia Ang and the Common Palm Civet!


As the sun rose over Ubin, rainclouds appeared over the island – uh-oh!


A view of the sky from the boat to Ubin; photo by Chay Hoon

And sure enough, it started to pour!


The rain was very heavy.

Toddycats offered Pedal Ubin once again, which had been revived for the first Ubin Day last year. Pedal Ubin guides Alvin Wong, JoelleLai, Marcus Ng, Chloe Tan, Travis Ho, Sankar A, Ng Xinyao, Ng Chao Xiang and Yeo Wei were ready in time and greeted by a very high attendance rate which saw enthusiastic participants turn up early!


Alvin Wong conducting the safety briefing for Pedal Ubin participants.

We visited nature and heritage sites on Pulau Ubin including the German Girl Shrine and the “Y U So Like That!” drink stall.


Pedal Ubin at the German Girl Shrine.


Joelle Lai’s group take a photo outside the Kampong House.

In response to the launch of the Ubin Way based on the positive highlights of kampong life, we had everyone engage in light-hearted conversations with one another. This relaxing element was injected specifically this year as guides can be quite focused on guiding and forget to have a conversation!

Alvin’s group was even joined by none other than MoS Desmond Lee who was active that day on the island in many events, despite struggling with jet lag.


At the German Girl Shrine.

Some lucky participants were treated to a durian feast at Jelutong Bridge – shiok! It’s the start of bountiful durian harvest in the region.


On the way back, we stopped at Pekan Quarry, where Andy Dinesh, David Tan and other enthusiastic birders had set up a birding tentage. Participants and guides were introduced to the very rare Oriental Darter.


Birders braving bad weather.


The oriental darter (aka snakebird) with the Grey Heron on the bottom right. Photo by Cherry Goh

Meanwhile, the Toddycats booth at Ubin Village was still going strong.


Letchumi M is not staring down the booth guide. Just listening intently!


Toddycats young and younger!

At last, Ubin Day came to and end and it was time to clear up. Becky Lee and several Toddycats saw to the safe transport of all the specimens back to LKCNHM.


Precious LKCNHM specimens loaded up onto the bumboat!

NUS Toddycats thank the hardworking volunteers who made this event possible, as well as National Parks Board, Ria Tan & Min Lin Lim (WildSingapore), the Ministry of National Development and all the contributing groups of this year’s Ubin Day.

See you at the next Ubin Day!


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