The post SG50 intern — Han Shen!

We have a new intern! Introducing Han Shen, a recent University of Queensland graduate, who will be with us for the next three months helping out with Toddycats events and LKCNHM communications.

And just in time too, for Pesta UbinBalik Chek Jawa, and Festival of Biodiversity 2016!

As with Sankar and Lynn, we’ve asked Han Shen to write a self introduction. He’s wishing he has a good stint with us!


About Yourself

Hello! My name is Han Shen, I am the new intern with the LKCNHM! I am passionate about all things nature. This love for all things green and wild led me to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Conservation and Wildlife Management at the University of Queensland in 2013. I have been working in Canberra, Australia for the past 2 years monitoring kangaroos, reptiles (skinks, bearded dragons & occasionally snakes), frogs and native grasses as part of the Australian Capital Territory’s (A.C.T) kangaroo research & management program and discovering the intricacies of ecological interactions! I have also volunteered with the National Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra looking after marine creatures, reptiles and amphibians of various assortments! When I am in Singapore, I love to go out with friends and family to track in the far-flung pockets of green scattered all over the island.

What you are looking forward to

I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge on the treasure trove of Singapore’s biodiversity. I am also looking forward to working with nature enthusiasts at the Museum and being able to share and receive new insights on Singapore’s rich natural history. With this experience of working behind the scenes at the museum, I feel that this will equip and further grow my knowledge in environmental outreach and to help people appreciate nature through these events.

What you can see happening in the next few months

I can see myself being very busy with planning for all the exciting and upcoming events such as the Festival of Biodiversity. Likewise, I will be regularly helping to post events, interesting and unique discoveries on the Museum’s social media platforms and blogs. I can see myself running around and being involved with nature walks and other outreach events such as Ubin Day and getting enthused with sharing to the wider community about protecting and treasuring our local natural heritage.




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