Scrubdown! Our first 2017 shelter visit to Uncle Khoe’s K9 & Paw Perfect Love Shelter

Sun 19 Feb 2017 – The Shelter Pawject made the first of four trips to Uncle Khoe’s K9 & Paw Perfect Love shelters. The team of 20 volunteers were armed with cleaning supplies, logistics and home-cooked food, and ready for a good workout!

Many pairs of hands make quick work indeed – in just three hours, hard scrubbing removed algae and moss off the floor and furniture, old cabinets were replaced, and shelter dogs were fed with nutritious home-cooked food. Everyone put heard and soul into the scrub down to ensure a healthy though small environment for the resident dogs. And three volunteers (Robina, Xinlei & Jing) decided to become walkers for the cooped up canines.

Thanks to everyone who made our trip a success – all the volunteers for the hard work and effort, Jane for sponsoring the logistics (2 metal cabinets, 120L dustbin & gogovan) and Say Lin for sponsoring the photoshoot. Also, thanks to the shelters for having us!

Not forgetting our fur pals (Nokia, Baby Girl, Bella and all) – we filled your bowls but you filled our hearts. See you all soon! 🙂

TSP firs trip.png


By Grace & Joys Tan


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