Festival of Biodiversity 2018 in June – call for volunteers! (Signup by 9th February 2018)

Come join the NUS Toddycats at the Festival of Biodiversity 2018! This annual event aims to create awareness and promote efforts in conserving and enhancing our local biodiversity. Check out various recounts of past years’ Festival of Biodiversity events by Toddycats and Friends!

This year, the Toddycats FOB committee will be planning even more activities in the lead up to FOB2018 which will be held in early June 2018. Please sign up by 9th Feb 2018 with this link: https://tinyurl.com/toddycats-fob2018. to be on the mailing list.

Through the FOB2018 mailing list, we will issue news of FOB2018 preparatory field trips and workshops leading up to the big event day, and post-FOB events too! Join us to re-create the wonderful atmosphere we achieved last year!

Theresa & Weiting
NUS Toddycats FOB Organising Committee 2018


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