Pedal Ubin 2019 accomplished with great joy and satisfaction!

Sat 29 Jun 2019 – The annual Pedal Ubin offering at Pesta Ubin activates veteran Toddycats guides to revisit and revise, and form guiding pairs to manage 15-20 participants on the island each. 

We prepare with recces, review and mitigate the risk to participants, update our first aid kits, and be sure to carry strong insect repellent for the vulnerable. Thanks to Joelle, Airani, Ivan, Kenneth and Kevin for that reliable preparation and confident execution, and the photos!

This year, we were short on support so my kaki Cheer Chong at Republic Polytechnic recruited three of her outdoor adventure learning students to provide safety backup for the nature guides. And Sufi, Yu Teng & Jin Huang were really superb! They slipped into their roles effortlessly and were a great comfort to all. We must get DOAL students help next year too! Learn more about RP’s Diploma in Outdoor Adventure and Learning programme (DOAL) here.

We happily guided some 60 people this year; photos from the event on Google Photos here. Wish we could do this every weekend! 

Pedal Ubin 2019


One response to “Pedal Ubin 2019 accomplished with great joy and satisfaction!

  1. I appreciate the sincerity of this write-up of yours. Can’t wait to see more!

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