The Shelter Pawject @ The Animal Lodge – join us on World Animal Day in October

TSP logoThe idea for The Shelter Pawject was seeded in 2017, with an aim to improve the physical and emotional well-being of animals living in shelters. It is led by four of us who are passionate about animal welfare, Joys & Grace Tan, Ong Say Lin and Amanda Tan, with N. Sivasothi aka Otterman.

Recognising a need from previous visits and a discussion with shelter managers, we pledged a commitment to cleaning and maintaining the shelter environment through quarterly visits. In 2017 and 2018, The Shelter Pawject worked with Uncle Khoe’s K9 and Paw Perfect Love shelters for basic cleaning, feeding and dog-walking. The cleaning was vigorous work and we called them scrub downs! It was good to see every corner gradually become spick and span!


TDP hello

With the shift of local animal shelters to The Animal Lodge at Sungei Tengah in 2019, shelters such as UK9 and PPL shelters now come under the good care of Mutts and Mittens and scrubdowns were no longer needed.

After consultation and exploration, The Shelter Pawject identified the BFF shelter (@bffrescuedogs) as a priority to provide play time and company, and basic maintenance of cleanliness for the shelter animals who are deprived of social contact. We hoped to increase the awareness of animal shelters through bringing people to the shelters, as well as contribute to the shelters. 

 This year, The Shelter Pawject has conducted two trips with 33 volunteers. It’s always happy to meet like-minded individuals who are looking to contribute! We are also grateful to the regulars (James, Jeanette and others) who have been supporting the animals.

If you are also looking to contribute, please join us in October, in celebration of World Animal Day. Do refer to our Facebook page for updates on upcoming trips –


TSP dogwalk

Tsp bff

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