Internship with NUS Toddycats, Jan – Jul 2021

Internship with NUS Toddycats

Toddycats Logo Sep 2016

About the Toddycats NUS Toddycats are volunteers with the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum at the National University of Singapore. We expose, develop and apply individuals who are keen to contribute to nature and the environment in Singapore to programmes in conservation, education and outreach. This is an immediate means to contribute socially and meaningfully towards the nature and environment in Singapore.

NUS Toddycats are an entirely volunteer group who lead and support activities such as nature guiding at exhibitions and field sites, the organisation and management of public seminars and symposia, coordinate coastal cleanups and initiate dialogues and other engagement through active partnerships.

Objectives The NUS Toddycats Internship aims to secure a motivated intern who will organise and coordinate support for the diversity of activities. In doing so, the intern will be exposed to and acquire skills and work experience in a range of activities including administration and digital organising tools, project and events management, volunteer engagement, and communication for conservation. The intern will also participate in staffing the coordinator at various working groups and stakeholder engagements.

Scope of Internship The NUS Toddycats intern will pro-actively support operational and volunteer management needs of the coordinator and project managers with existing projects which include volunteer recruitment and engagement, nature guiding at field sites, roadshows and seminars, field surveys and coastal cleanups, and liasing and planning for Toddycats participation in various events and stakeholder meetings. Projects include:

  • Bird collision mitigation in NUS
  • Roadkill mitigation in Singaore
  • Coastal cleanups in mangroves
  • Community engagement in nature awarenes and habitat enhancement
  • Volunteer engagement and public education

Candidate Criteria The candidate must be passionate about learning through service. They must possess a good work ethic, be able to work across multiple IT platforms (e.g. Google Docs, Microsoft Office, social media), and ready to undertake tasks independently after some coaching. Some of these skills can be developed, but a strong desire to learn and a passion for the environment are critical!

It is critical that the internship is the sole commitment of the intern during this period.

Internship development NUS Toddycats is committed to the development of the intern through skills training in project management, digital tools and a workplace readiness toolbox, volunteer engagement and understanding the conservation landscape.

Period of internship Jan 2021 – Jul 2021 (or a minimum of three months). A meal and transport allowance is provided.

Reporting Officer The NUS Toddycats intern will report directly to the coordinator, N. Sivasothi and will liase with project captains for specific roles.

To apply, please write to with your CV.

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