An invigorating Friday evening walk through the Southern Ridges

Nestled within the hilly landscape of the southern ridges, the NUS community has an excellent way to exercise after a tough week, amidst a unique landscape and much greenery. Alas, many of us are pressed for time! To provide some motivation, NUS Toddycats have been offering the Ridgewalk since 2017. The pandemic took us out for two years; and we were  glad to be back!

On Friday, 10th June 2022, 15 of us started our walk from the YIH Plaza at 5.40pm and made it to our destination at Hort Park, and well within our target end time at 7.00pm. The participants comprises of NUS staff, NUS students and a couple of our habitat enrichment volunteers. The camaraderie was evident, despite this being the first time many of us are meeting one another. Some helped set the pace; others helped make sure no one was left behind or lost amidst the turns within Kent Ridge Park.

Thanks to Airani, our solo guide who led the walk that evening! Sadly other guides were MIA due to health reasons, and hope to be back one day for more of the lovely briskwalks.





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