A hot, passionate Saturday spent nurturing a coastal forest!

Sat 18 Mar 2023 – 35 volunteers spent a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon to further populate the coastal forest that we are helping NParks to establish at Kranji Coastal Nature Park (KCNP). And importantly too, we extended tender loving care to the recently planted saplings. Though a very hot day, the wonderful volunteers were cheery and made light work.

16 of us planted 42 saplings while another 19 tended to countless planted saplings: removing competing vegetation, topping up the soil/wood chip mixture and leaf litter layer around their bases. The work rate finally flattened some of the wood chip, leaf litter and soil supply piles!

A couple of us focused on giving some of the suffocating plants a good “haircut” too!

We’ve managed to keep the mortality of the plantings here to a minimum, thanks to our persistence at caring for the plants here!

All the photos on Flickr; see the Instagram post, and join us in April!




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